Kate Moss: ‘Johnny Depp didn’t hit me’

AmericaKate Moss corrects rumors Johnny Depp kicked or pushed her downstairs, when testifying in court to testify to her ex.

According to Yahoo!, on May 25, the British supermodel gave testimony via an online video call with the court in Fairfax. Depp’s legal team was authorized to invite Moss as a rebuttal witness, after Amber Heard mentioned rumors she was being molested by the star. Pirates of the Caribbean violence in the previous hearing.

Kate Moss gave testimony via video call with the judge in Fairfax. Image: Reuters

The supermodel denied being beaten by Depp during a tour in Jamaica as rumored. “We were about to leave the hotel,” she said. and it was very painful. He ran over to help, carried me into the room, took care of me. Johnny never kicked, pushed or threw me down the stairs.”

Kate Moss: 'Johnny Depp didn't hit me'

Kate Moss gave testimony via video call with the judge in Fairfax. Image: Reuters

During the argument on May 5, Amber Heard mentioned Kate Moss’s name when she testified in court that Depp was chased after an argument. “My sister Whitney was standing on the stairs and Depp waved his hand at her. I didn’t hesitate. I immediately thought of Kate Moss and the stairs. And I hit him back,” Heard said. Johnny Depp and his lawyer were now excited, laughing and clap their fists in celebration. Depp insists he has never hit women, including the Amber Heard sisters and former lovers.

Kate Moss and Johnny Depp started dating in 1994 and broke up in 1997. The star couple reunited for a few months in mid-1998 but continued their separate ways. During the time of love, Moss often praised her boyfriend for being a caring and caring person. Interview with the newspaper Vanity Fair In 2012, the beauty confessed that she cried a lot after the love story broke up.

Before Kate Moss, actress Ellen Barkin was the first ex-girlfriend of Johnny Depp to testify in court. She supports Amber Heard and says the actor is a hot-tempered, often drunk and jealous person. Barkin also said that Depp threw a bottle of wine at him.

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