Kastenmeier storms in the 82nd minute – Rösler explains crazy goalkeeper excursion

The fans in front of the TV rubbed their eyes in amazement!

During the game against Fürth (3: 3), Fortuna goalkeeper Florian Kastenmeier (23) bustled around in the OPPOSITE penalty area in the 82nd (!) Minute.

The opponents were also totally surprised by the incredibly early excursion of the keeper – Kastenmeier was able to irritate his opponents at a corner, Kevin Danso (22) headed the 3: 3 final score …

However, the early attack was not the goalkeeper’s idea. Trainer Uwe Rösler (52) sent his keeper forward.

Rösler to BILD: “I looked at the clock and knew that we had to do something. We had nothing more to lose. I gave Florian a sign. He was a striker up to the age of 16, can put his body into the opponents well and calculate the trajectories with high balls. “

Had a good hand! Rösler sent his keeper into the storm incredibly earlyPhoto: dpa

The courage was rewarded. The only question that arises is whether the coach would EVER order his goalkeeper into the storm in the future if there are backlogs?

Rösler grinning: “Sure! In fact, I would be even more likely to do that if the situation calls for it. In England, for example, in contrast to the Bundesliga, this is not at all unusual. But I make a commitment: I wouldn’t do that in the first half – that would be too early even for me! “


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