Karl Geiger: Positive corona test at the ski flying world champion

Now Karl Geiger (27) has also got it!

It was only at the weekend that Geiger became world ski flying champion with a 40 centimeter lead. Now the world champion has tested positive for the corona virus. Geiger in a message from the German Ski Association: “I’m fine, I have no symptoms. I am now in quarantine and will take regular tests. “

The positive corona test is the end of an exciting week for Geiger. After the world championship title on Saturday he was runner-up with the team in Planica / Slovenia on Sunday. During the jubilation, the rules of distance were forgotten for a moment, teammate Markus Eisenbichler fell around Geiger’s neck.

Shortly after his triumph at the World Cup, Geiger became a father for the first time on Monday, posting a photo of his daughter Luisa. Geiger comments: “That was probably that perfect week that people are always talking about! Welcome little Luisa. “

It is not yet clear whether Geiger will be able to take part in the Four Hills Tournament (December 28th to January 6th). He’s definitely missing from the ski jumpers’ World Cup in Engelberg this weekend.


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