‘Journey to the West’ 1927 – blockbuster that was banned from screening

China“Ban To Cave”, the first film to adapt the novel “Journey to the West”, was once banned for being “provocative”.

Dynamic Tables Silk was born in the 1920s in Shanghai, in the silent film era, the work is now 95 years old. According to ThepaperAccording to experts, this is the first film to adapt a mythical novel by Ngo Thua An, also known as Journey to the west 1927.

Scene from the movie “Journey to the West” 1927. Video: Shanghai Yingxi

The work caused a stir when it was released and was the first Chinese film to hit Norwegian theaters. The director is Dan Do Vu and the female lead is played by An Minh Chau – Dan Do Vu’s wife. Other actors include Ngo Van Sieu (as Sun Wukong), Chiang Mai Khang (Tang Tang Tang), Chu Hong Tuyen (Tru Bat Gioi), Chiem Gia Loi (Sa Tang)…

The film adapts act 72 of the novel, revolving around Tang Sanzang being surrounded by spiders, tricked into Ban To Cave, and forced into a body with a beautiful host. Thanks to the attractive content, beautiful form, Journey 1927 large turnover, helping spouses extradition Vu – An Eu receive remuneration of 50,000 yuan. Then, an ordinary family of five in Shanghai spent about 30 yuan a month. The couple used the money to buy film equipment, shopping car.

An Eu paragraph undress been for the improper habits and customs.  Photo: HK01

The scene En Eu undress been for the improper habits and customs. Image: HK01

Then, in 1929, extradited Vu filming the sequel of the work. 1930, both films banned because “actress wore a bold”. Some scenes of goblins seducing Tang Tang were said to be “destroying fine customs”.

Lost work in China. Researchers can only learn through the media film, photos. By 2012, Tina Anckarman – employees work at the National Library of Norway – discovered copies of Journey 1927. Two years later, the work was restored, the Norwegian side donated a copy to the China Film Documentation Museum. At that time, film researchers were surprised and excited when the seemingly lost silent film was replayed in theaters and film festivals…

Tang Monk and the goblin spiders.  Photo: HK01

Tang Tang and the spider elves. Image: HK01

Journey to the West 1927 be regarded as treasures, important documents of Chinese cinema. Tang Wei Kiet – associate professor of Institute of Humanities of the University of Tongji, Shanghai, said the film belongs to “blockbuster” 1920, marking a breakthrough in the use of techniques, artistic effects. After 95 years, character creation is not outdated. At that time, the female lead An Minh Chau was a famous trendy woman in Bund.

1930s couple extradition Vu – An Minh Chau to Hong Kong filmmakers, live, they have five children, four girls and one boy. The director died in 1972 of cancer, the actress lost in 1989.

Their daughter – Judy Dan – succeeded her mother. She won the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 1952, then participated in the Miss Universe contest for the first time in history, winning the 3rd runner-up. Judy Dan currently lives in the US.

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