John McEnroe: His secret weapon was the “hammock” bat

His scandals ++ How Boris Becker silenced him ++ What he’s doing today

Photo: imago / Laci Perenyi

The 400 members in the “Wimbledon Club” raved about their tournament as the great opera of tennis. Until 1977, when rock’n’roll broke out on the big stage of white sport.

John Patrick McEnroe, an 18-year-old New Yorker, turned the tennis world inside out in London. His first appearance only ended in the semifinals against Jimmy Connors (3: 6, 3: 6, 6: 4, 4: 6). The fans loved the Ami and his ingenious attack tennis. What others did with strength, he made up for with ease and finesse. If I took the balls very early in the ascent, the impact of the incoming blow was reversed. So the pressure on the enemy was enormous.

In part 2 of the new series “Genius, Madness & Scandals”, BILD is dedicated to the ex-tennis superstar, his biggest scandals, how Boris Becker humiliated him and what he is doing today. Only with BILDplus!


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