Jeon Jong Seo – rising star of Korean screen

Follow SCMP, Jeon Jong Seo is famous after only one role. In 2017, after signing a contract with the management company My Company, she surpassed more than 2,000 applicants and was chosen to play the role of Hae Mi in “Burning”, along with Yoo Ah In and Steven Yeun. The role of a young girl who hates bad habits in society helped Jong Seo win “Best New Actor” at the Asian Film Critics Association Awards, on the list of “15 International Breakthrough Talents in 2018” of Hollywood Reporter. Director Lee Chang Dong said the reason for choosing the actor: “When I see her, I feel an innocent, childish side. At the same time, she has another side – as if something bigger is hidden behind the drama. that naivety”. Image: W


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