Jennifer Lopez denies plastic surgery

Singer Jennifer Lopez denies rumors of botox injections to remove wrinkles and cosmetic surgery to look youthful in her fifties.

Jennifer Lopez posted a video on Instagram showing off her bare face in the bathroom after wearing a mask on January 16. Some social media users claim that the singer has injected botox to help remove wrinkles and hinted that she is lying to promote new product lines.

Jennifer Lopez is suspected of cosmetic surgery when she shows off her bare face on Instagram. Video: Jennifer Lopez Instagram.

Lopez responded under the comment on January 17: “It is my natural face. Please confirm that for the 500 million time, I have never injected botox or undergone plastic surgery. A secret to my beauty. : Do not waste time defaming others, it also helps you to be younger and more beautiful “.

By the end of 2020, Lopez confirmed in an online seminar that only believe in using natural beauty methods. She does not deny the possibility of seeking plastic surgery one day, but is currently not in need of that method.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez poses to promote a new line of skin care products. Image: Jennifer Lopez Instagram.

Earlier in January, Jennifer Lopez launched a line of skin care products called Jlo Glow. In the interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the singer said he cherished his plan for the past 20 years when many people praised her beautiful skin. Lopez revealed olive oil as a key ingredient in her new beauty products.

The singer is currently focusing on developing sun protection lines for Jlo Glow. She also advises female fans to pay attention to beauty from the age of 13 to have the healthiest natural skin.

Phuong Mai (according to the Harpers Bazaar)


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