Jean-Baptiste Djebbari says he is unfavorable to a drop in speed on highways

On Tuesday, the mayor of Paris and presidential candidate said she was in favor of a drop in speed on these axes. “130km / h is a lot,” said Anne Hidalgo.

After the doubling of teachers’ salaries, once again, the executive is opposed to a proposal by Anne Hidalgo. Asked about BFMTV on Wednesday, the Minister Delegate in charge of Transport said he was unfavorable to lowering the maximum speed on the motorway, from 130 km / h to 110 km / h. “There are plenty of motorway sectors on which you are already at 110», Recalled Jean-Baptiste Djebbari.

Madame Hidalgo should take her car and visit the countryside“, Lambasted the member of the government, judging that this proposal was based on a”a little Parisian vision of things“. It is therefore “unfavorable to this proposal […] a little ideological“. Tuesday, Anne Hidalgo estimated that “130 km / h is a lot“: She said to herself”personally for the drop in speed“On motorways,”since speed equals accidents“.

The minister was more measured about the drop in the maximum speed on national roads to 80 km / h. “I know it bothered the French a bit, even though […] I assume the measure we have taken», He commented. He also remained cautious about limiting the speed in town to 30 km / h, as the mayor of Paris decided recently. “If it’s scientifically established that it lowers greenhouse gas emissions, why not. The problem is that the experts […] tell us that it has no effect, little effect, even the opposite effect», Underlined Jean-Baptiste Djebbari. The basis for the measure is not “scientifically proven», He concluded.

The minister also took a more firm stance against Marine le Pen and Arnaud Montebourg’s proposals to nationalize the highways, managed by concessionary companies. “It’s demagogic to the last degree“, He judged, underlining the pharaonic cost -“in the order of 45 to 50 billion euros– of the measure. The axes “will return to the bosom of the state in 10 years”, He recalled, and the State will then be able to decide on the continuation of this file.

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Emmanuel Macron is “the president of purchasing power

The minister also returned to the rise in fuel costs, which has continued for several months. The introduction of a floating tax, which would adapt to world oil prices, “does not provide any long-term solution“, He judged. A debate on lowering taxes on fuels could take place in Parliament during the examination of the 2022 budget, but this avenue is not “not the proposal“Of the executive, which favors the exit of the”dependence on fossil fuels“. “If Emmanuel Macron is the president of anything, it’s purchasing power“, He defended, estimating that since 2017,”the French […], when we look at the taxes, have earned between 800 and 4600 euros per year and per household“.

The minister specified that the government was going to ask the SNCF for a “much smaller project»For the Gare du Nord, the day after the announcement of the abandonment of the current project to renovate the Parisian station. The current station is “difficult to practice, in terms of flow management“, He judged. This project of approximately 50 million euros will have to remedy this problem. The failure of the renovation is mainly due to a lack of “constancy to politicize“From the town hall of Paris, criticized Jean-Baptiste Djebbari.


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