“Je Consomme Noir”: in Paris, a Christmas market reserved for black traders questions

Organized all weekend in the 18th arrondissement, the event brought together products from “African and Afro-descendant designers”.

On social networks, Internet users have expressed their incomprehension, even their anger, at the sight of a Christmas market which took place this weekend at Hasard Ludique, in Paris (18th arrondissement). Organized by the association “I consume black“, He gathered products from”African and Afro-descendant designers»(Food, alcohol, ready-to-wear, books, beauty products, etc.), indicates the presentation of the event.

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A surfer, also referent La République en Marche (LREM) in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, criticized Saturday evening “a community market», Soon followed by several other people. “Discrimination”, “segregation“, Or even”racismThey cried.

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Contacted by Le Figaro, the Je Consomme Noir association, which presents itself as “a platform to support black businesses, run by volunteers», Does not wish to enter the debate. “We don’t play politics, we want to send a positive message, by doing things for our community», Explains a volunteer, who emphasizes having had positive feedback from clients«of all races“. “But we expected to have this type of criticismShe admits.

If some Internet users wonder about the legality of such an initiative, because of its judged nature “discriminatory“, It does not actually pose any legal problem, according to Michaël Amado, lawyer at the bars of Paris and Quebec and specialist in commercial law. “Just like an Alsatian, Provençal or West Indian Christmas market, nothing prevents traders from grouping together around a theme, whether it is that of being Black, African or Afro-descendant.», Explains the boss of the firm Amado Avocats. On the other hand, “it would be discriminatory to prohibit consumers from coming to enjoy the products on the sole pretext that they are not part of the organizing community», He specifies, which is not the case with the Christmas market organized by Je Consomme Noir, open to all.

This event, which was held all weekend, is the very first organized by the association, created in June 2020 with the objective of “help businesses in the (black) community to improve their way of communicating“. She also holds workshops and masterclasses, and promotes black businesses on her social networks. His Instagram page is followed by nearly 60,000 people. Featured brands are selected “with great care», Assures the volunteer. They must have “a quality and / or ethical approach», At the social and environmental level, we can read on the association’s website, which hopes that the Hasard Ludique Christmas market will be the first event in a long series.


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