Jacquemus does a show by the salt mountains

After a show on the Hawaiian coast with a mostly local audience, designer Simon Porte Jacquemus made the show in the salt mountains of Camargue park, southern France. Vogue description: “The whole world stops at the Jacquemus show with its picturesque runway”.

Guests arrive at Avignon station, then travel by car and bus to the location at dusk. Follow Voguesome guests commented that the sight of this place made them think that they were on the moon, surrounded by clear water, cold salt, and blue sky.

Amid the salt mountains, Jacquemus created an airstrip that ran down the hillside. The show started with two male models hugging and dancing. The performance is inspired by the designer’s upcoming wedding ceremony. Models descend from the top of the mountain, catwalk in high boots on bumpy terrain. The tulle bridal veils flutter in the wind like clouds, reminiscent of the post-apocalyptic fashion from the movie “Dune” featuring Karl Lagerfeld’s style.


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