Iyoha & Appelkamp – Düsseldorf jonges make Fortuna proud

THAT hasn’t existed in ages!

Fortuna wins in the last minute of stoppage time against Karlsruhe (3: 2) – thanks to two Düsseldorf jonges …

After Emmanuel Iyoha’s (23) shot ricochets off the crossbar, Shinta Appelkamp (20) is spot on and scores for an important victory.

Appelkamp and Iyoha – two real Düsseldorfers!

► Both went through almost all Fortuna stations, from youth to professional squad. Iyoha grew up in Flehe and used to take the train to training. The striker proudly says: “I’m a Düsseldorf jong!”

Cuddle time! Trainer Rösler (left) doesn’t want to let go of his darling IyohaPhoto: imago images / Eibner

Together with Appelkamp, ​​he can be a great weapon in the final spurt of promotion. The Düsseldorf double against Karlsruhe proved that impressively.

Appelkamp beaming with joy: “The trainer always told me to go into the pits. It was lucky that the ball bounced straight to me from the crossbar. I don’t remember how I pushed it in. The main thing was that he was inside. Just awesome!”

State of emergency! The bosses are in each other’s arms in the VIP stands. Trainer Uwe Rösler (52) screams his relief.

Appelkamp: “That was the most dramatic game of my professional career. Then to also score the winning goal is all the nicer. “

Thanks to his goal, Fortuna continues to chase relegation place 3. Only one point separates Düsseldorf from Kiel. However, they still have two catch-up games.

But no matter how it turns out – Fortuna can already be very proud of her Düsseldorf jonges!


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