Isolation, teleworking, school… What changes this Monday January 3 with the Omicron variant

► Relaxation of isolation rules for vaccinated

Positive people who have been fully vaccinated must now isolate yourself for seven days instead of ten, whatever the variant, announced the Minister of Health Olivier Véran, in an interview with Sunday newspaper (JDD). This isolation can be lifted after five days in the event of a negative antigen or PCR test and on condition that no clinical sign of infection has been present for 48 hours. People who do not have a complete vaccination schedule will need to “Self-isolate ten days, with a possible exit after seven days under the same conditions”.

Furthermore, there is no longer a quarantine for contact persons with a complete vaccination schedule. However, they must strictly respect the barrier gestures and “Do regular tests”. A first PCR or antigen test should be performed “The day you learn that you are in contact”, then a self-test must be carried out on the second day and another on the fourth day, provided free of charge in pharmacies on presentation of the first screening.

For contact cases without a complete vaccination schedule, it will be necessary to respect a seven-day isolation, then to obtain a negative antigen or PCR test at the end of this period to be able to leave isolation.

► Reinforced teleworking

The government asks employers to set, for “Three weeks, one minimum number of three days of teleworking per week for positions which allow it “ and four days if possible. Recalcitrant companies will have to pay a fine of up to 1,000 euros per employee.

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► Wearing a mask from 6 years old

Until January 23 inclusive, wearing a mask becomes compulsory from the age of 6 in public transport such as buses, subways, trains, planes, and in places open to the public such as stations, shops, shopping centers, performance halls, places of worship, museums, libraries, etc.

► New protocol at school

Level 3 (out of 4) of the protocol is maintained in elementary schools, as is level 2 in middle and high schools, in order to reduce the mixing between classes and levels.

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The only change: the Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer decided to strengthen the policy of “Contact tracing”, Who subjects students to three tests in four days as soon as a positive case appears in the class. “From now on, when the family takes the first test, they will receive two free self-tests in the pharmacy, so that the students can test themselves again at home on D + 2 and D + 4”, said the minister, in an interview with Parisian Sunday night. The return to class will be “On presentation of a negative result” at each step.

► Rules of consumption in transport and catering

In trains and planes of domestic lines, “The sale and service for consumption on board of food and drink” become “Prohibited” until January 23. SNCF warns that it will not be “Not allowed to remove the mask to consume food or drink” whatever the train, with the exception of Thalys and Eurostar. Corn “On long-distance journeys, this measure will be applied with discernment, especially for young children ”, had assured as of last Tuesday the ministry of transport.

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In cafes and restaurants, it will be forbidden to consume while standing.

► Gauges for shows and sporting events

Gauges are making a comeback in theaters and for sporting events, where it will now be necessary to be seated. Inside, a maximum of 2,000 people can be accommodated, compared to 5,000 outside.

► Childcare

The childminders working at their home or in the home of childminders will be able, from Monday, “Accommodate up to six children simultaneously” instead of the usual four, according to a decree published on Saturday.


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