Is wearing a tattoo still taboo in business?

TESTIMONIALS – If some working people still fear being frowned upon, tattooing seems to be more and more accepted at work.

From a practice of “thugs“Or”gangsters“, Tattooing has become normalized, to the point that nearly one in five French adults (18%) is or has been tattooed, according to an Ifop survey published in 2018. Despite its widespread nature, it is a place where some people tattooed women still fear being judged: work. “It’s so ingrained in our lives that tattoos are frowned upon that it makes us make automatic choices, like hiding them during a job interview.», Underlines Ruben, 28, in charge of sales administration in an interior design company and tattooed on the arms and the back of the neck. “I’ve heard all my life that this is a problem and I’m always afraid of running into someone who points out», Replies Caroline, 26, a study engineer in a research laboratory, whose right forearm is covered with tattoos.

And yet, few of the affected assets questioned by Le Figaro to report having encountered problems, in a professional context …

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