“Is the mask still compulsory where the health pass applies?” “

Hello Julien,

In theory, you can take off your mask in places where the health pass is now compulsory. Indeed, the new government decree of August 7 relating to the management of the health crisis mentions the fact that “the mask wearing obligations provided for in this decree are not applicable to people who have accessed establishments, places, services and events” in which the pass is compulsory (except for long-distance public transport, whether road, rail or air).

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But according to the same decree, “the wearing of the mask can (…) be made compulsory by the departmental prefect when local circumstances justify it, as well as by the operator or the organizer ”. The mask can therefore always be compulsory in several cinemas or restaurants. It is therefore necessary either to keep a mask on oneself in case, or to inquire with the establishments concerned before going there.

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Where does the health pass apply?

In addition to nightclubs and places of culture and leisure (theaters, cinemas, museums, festivals, stadiums, covered sports establishments, etc.), the presentation of the health pass was extended on Monday, August 9, among others to hospitals (except emergencies), nursing homes, cafes, bars, restaurants (including on the terrace), seminars and interregional trains (TGV, Ouigo, Intercités and international trains).


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