“Is the health pass compulsory in the campsites? “

Hello Victor,

In the campsites, the health pass is not not systematically request. It depends on the facilities of the establishment where you will be staying.

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Campsites which only offer an accommodation offer (mobile home rental, pitches for aunts or motorhomes, etc.) are therefore not concerned. However, since July 21, those who have a common space, such as a swimming pool or an auditorium that can accommodate more than 50 people will have to request the health pass from their customers. The check will not be carried out each time you go to the swimming pool, but only once when you arrive at the campsite.

Finally, from the beginning of August, the campsites that offer their customers a possibility to eat or to have a drink will also have to request the health pass. As with the swimming pool, there is no need to present it each time you visit the restaurant. A single check will be made at the start of the stay.


And in hotels?

In hotels, tourist residences, clubs and holiday villages, the rules are the same as for camping. The health pass must be presented only once in establishments that have a bar, restaurant, swimming pool or performance hall, upon arrival at the scene.

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