“Is the health pass compulsory for weddings?” “

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The health pass is not not systematically requested for weddings, it depends on its organization. If the whole ceremony is done in a private place, at your home for example, the guests do not have to justify a health pass. On the other hand, if the marriage is celebrated in a restaurant, it becomes compulsory.

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In the case of your son, the guests will have to bring a health pass, but they will not have to present it everywhere. They will be asked At the mayor, since it is a welcoming place for the public. But they won’t no need when celebrating in church, places of worship not being affected by the health pass. The latter will also not be obligatory for the organized weekend in a house that you have rented, since this is considered a private place.

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What health protocol for weddings?

In the “health protocol for wedding planners and professionals”, the Ministry of the Economy advises the participants of a wedding, whether health pass or not, to carry out a screening test beforehand. “Then 7 days after the celebration”. He recalls that “The maintenance of gestures and barrier measures remains essential to limit the risk of transmission of the virus” and advises the organizers to provide their guests with self-tests as well as hydroalcoholic gel.

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