Is the Fortuna bank threatening him? Hoffmann has to nibble at this “child’s bar”

8 competitive games, 6 different pairs in Fortuna’s central defense. Continuity looks different …

Reasons for this change: Mainly injuries and a suspension.

For two games, coach Uwe Rösler (51) has relied on “Jugend forscht” – with Kevin Danso (22) and Christoph Klarer (20). The result: four points and only one goal.

But what does Andre Hoffmann (27) do? The actual defensive boss has a lot to nibble on at the new “Kinderriegel”!

After a four-week break from injury (muscular problems), he only came off the bench twice. In Nuremberg he played – wearing the captain’s armband – for the last ten minutes in defensive midfield.

He should be completely fit during the international break. Rösler does not promise him an automatic employment guarantee. Düsseldorf’s coach announces a division of labor for the remaining seven games this year at BILD: “Being able to draw on the full will be very important with a view to the English weeks in December.”

Conversely, this means: further missions for the two youngsters.

Although Klarer was to blame for the questionable 911 in Nuremberg, he and Danso (BILD grades 3 and 2) shone mainly through their duel on the ground and in the air.

The club goal machine Manuel Schäffler (last season 19 goals for relegated Wiesbaden) radiated hardly any danger. Rösler: “He demanded everything from our very, very young central defenders. But they still did very well. “

Danso even with flying colors! The Austrian conducted, repeatedly pushed the game with the ball at his foot into midfield and was also the fastest player on the field! The speedometer showed 34.33 km / h – top value for a central defender and the twelfth-best high-speed of the season. No fortune has been faster so far.

Perhaps it will now even overtake Hoffmann.


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