Investors are trending towards cryptocurrency, these are top-5 digital currency

The number of investors is continuously increasing in the crypto market. The trend of investors for investment has also increased significantly towards cryptocurrency. Currently there are many cryptocurrencies in the market but there are few cryptocurrencies that get more headlines. In such a situation, here today we are going to tell about the top-5 cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. In which investors are seeing a lot of investment.

It is followed by Ethereum at number two. Ethereum has a market cap of about $ 452,903,799,695. At the same time, the cost of one ethereum is about $ 3894. The third is the binary coin. It has a market cap of about $ 103,612,371,117 and a binned coin costs $ 668.

DogCoin is at number four. For the past few months, DogCoin has seen a lot of momentum. Its market cap is $ 64,299,699,415. At the same time, the price of a dogCoin is about $ 0.4629. Teeth is at number five. Its market cap is about $ 55,539,228,369. At the same time, the price of a teether is about one dollar.

(Note: Figures are given at 4 pm on 9 May 2021.)


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