Investigations for breach of trust: the official housing of Minister Alain Griset in Bercy raided

The Minister for SMEs is targeted by two inquiries for “substantial omission” of his assets and suspicion of “breach of trust”.

The official housing in Bercy of the Minister for SMEs Alain Griset, targeted by two investigations, was searched last week, AFP learned from the ministry on Monday, February 16, confirming information from the Canard Enchaîné. This search “is a classic step in a preliminary investigation“, Specified the Ministry of SMEs, adding that only the private housing of the Minister was targeted by this search of February 10.

The minister, who entered the government in July, is the subject of two investigations, opened after the seizure of justice by the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life (HATVP) at the end of November for “substantial omission” of his assets and suspicion of “breach of trust”. “The declaration of patrimonial situation“By M. Griset”omits financial participations held in a stock savings plan, as well as the associated cash account, for a total amount of 171,000 euros, in order to prevent the revelation of facts liable to receive the criminal qualification of breach of trust“, Underlined the HATVP.

The first investigation was opened by the Paris prosecutor’s office for failure to declare a substantial part of its assets or interests and entrusted to the Brigade for the repression of economic crime (BRDE). The second by the Lille prosecutor’s office, entrusted to the Central Office for the fight against corruption and financial and fiscal offenses (OCLCIFF).

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