Internet access has been disrupted in several major French cities after acts of vandalism

SFR fiber optic networks have been “cut”. Connections gradually returned to normal by late morning.

Slowdowns and cuts in internet access were reported Wednesday morning in several major French cities, after acts of vandalism affected the fiber optic network. More specifically, the long-distance network operated by SFR sufferedof well-structured malicious acts around 4 a.m. this morning“, according to our information. A schedule and a multiplication of cuts that excludes mere chance. The main links affected concern the “roads» between Paris and Lyon, Paris and Strasbourg, and Île-de-France. Police investigations are underway, but the modus operandi leaves little doubt. Vandalism, malevolence, sabotage whatever the term used, it is indeed a deliberate act.

These vandalism operations affected SFR infrastructure, also used by Bouygues Telecom and Free. At Free, some 100,000 customers would have been impacted. SFR has not yet assessed the consequences for its subscribers, but they would be marginal. Orange, on the other hand, is not concerned. Connections gradually returned to normal by late morning. Indeed, these telecom routes are duplicated, which makes it possible to overcome this type of difficulty. Redundant infrastructures have taken over. On the ground, repair operations are in full swing. “SFR’s technical teams are fully mobilized», Specifies the operator. Of “large cableswere severed, each comprising several pairs of fibers, which involves complex and time-consuming repairs.

“InfraNum strongly condemns this irresponsible attack on fiber optic networks. Given the essential and strategic nature of networks today, such cuts are likely to have dramatic consequences, such as the delay of rescue operations.“, reacted Philippe Le Grand president of InfraNum (federation which brings together all the industrialists of French digital infrastructures).

The Ministry of the Economy confirmed to AFP that it had been informed of the problem of “severed pipes» which could correspond to acts of vandalism, while the operator Free, largely affected, reported on Twitter of «multiple malicious acts” on the fiber infrastructure that occurred overnight and now “circumscribed“.

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