Intel, between strokes of genius and failed turns

SEMICONDUCTORS (3/6) – After having reigned supreme over the chips, the American is now forced to catch up with his rivals.

Imagine a world without smartphones, computers, televisions, or cars… This is what could happen if the shortage of microchips were to worsen. Today, only a handful of global giants are capable of designing and manufacturing these increasingly sophisticated products. Journey to the heart of the reactor of our digital world.

In the United States, an industrial giant is closely following the technological war between the Biden administration and China. Intel, world leader in processors founded in 1968 in Mountain View, in a then embryonic Silicon Valley, the leading supplier of chips for microcomputers running Windows for nearly forty years, has seen its supremacy challenged by Asian competitors. Also, when US President Joe Biden declared a state of computer emergency in the spring of 2021, after a chip shortage in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Intel’s new CEO Pat Gelsinger made the call. choice

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