Insurance: the number of disputes is soaring

Mediation requests have climbed by more than 30%, reaching the number of 20,000 over twelve months at the end of August 2021.

The economic damage linked to the Covid has boosted mediation requests for insurance disputes. They climbed by more than 30%, reaching the number of 20,000 over twelve months at the end of August 2021, according to the Insurance Mediation (LMA). A surge that comes after an increase of 18% in 2020.

This growth in referrals owes a lot to the crisis. “Most of the cases from professional policyholders concerned the operating loss guarantee”, underlines the LMA. In particular, disputes have multiplied between restaurant owners and insurers on this subject. And since December 2020, companies can seize the mediator for disputes relating to professional insurance.

Covid does not explain everything

Individual policyholders have also been affected by the health crisis, “This is evidenced by the many disputes relating to trip cancellations or the loss of income of people who consider themselves” vulnerable “”, points to the organism. “The reasons for this increase are due both to the exceptional effects of the health crisis and to the recent obligation to seize the mediator for any dispute less than 5,000 euros”, argues for his part Franck Le Vallois, Managing Director of the French Insurance Federation.

The Covid alone does not explain the difficulties noted between policyholders and insurers. The AML also emphasizes several major recurring difficulties. First of all, the exclusion clauses (that is to say which expose the cases excluding compensation) vague, especially in housing. “The profession must have as a priority to revise these exclusion clauses”, insists the mediator, who points out that they have long been condemned by the courts. Then, the near-forced sales of cell phone insurance or trip cancellation. These cases alone represent 18% of disputes. “Insureds are sometimes not even aware of having signed an insurance contract, the existence of which they discover due to withdrawals from their bank account. At that point, it is too late to give up the contract ”, deplores the mediator.

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