Ingot specialist Lukas Dauser: silver in Tokyo, gold in Munich?

A Bavarian on bars!

Turner Lukas Dauser (28) won Olympic silver on his special device in Tokyo in the summer.

In the BILD interview, he talks about his super year – and about his plans.

BILD: 2021 – please describe the year briefly and succinctly in your own words.

Lukas Dauser: “It was an incredible year with so many goals and dreams that I was able to fulfill. I am super happy that I was able to experience all of this. “

BILD: Above all, the dream of an Olympic medal?

Dauser: “The Olympic medal is of course right at the top. But I also became German champion in the all-around competition and won bronze at the European championships. It was an all-round successful year. It also went very well privately. “

BILD: Now you’ve made us curious.

Dauser: “I got engaged to my girlfriend.”

BILD: After the Olympics?

Dauser: “No, it was May. I actually always planned it after the games, if you can plan something like that. But then they were postponed for a year. I think that after the Olympics in 2021 she would have expected it somehow, we talk about it from time to time. I thought a little surprise effect would be nice. Then I preferred it. “

BILD: So a wedding in 2022?

Dauser: “We’re taking things a little easier and want to get married in 2023. We’d like to get married in the summer, but my girlfriend will finish her dentistry degree in six months. There she has a lot to learn and to do. I have the European Championships in August. “

Silver hero Lukas Dauser on December 19th with his fiancee Viktoria Nithack on the red carpet at the “Sportsman of the Year” gala in Baden-BadenPhoto: BrauerPhotos / G.Hofer

BILD: New highlights are already being announced. But let’s talk about 2021 again. The moment when silver was safe in Tokyo – what was it like?

Dauser: “It was really awesome. At first I was happy about my exercise, but I didn’t know if it was enough. I kept asking my trainer: what do you think? What would you have given me Did you rate them? But he couldn’t tell either. At some point my physio said: It has to be silver! I stood around for a minute and had to wait for the rating to come. “

BILD: And then?

Dauser: “That was pure joy. Nothing worked anymore. I didn’t even think of anything in particular, it was just pure joy. The first moments when I really realized it were 15 minutes later when we marched in for the award ceremony and I was able to put the medal on my head. “

BILD: When you stand on this pedestal of dreams, what goes through your head?

Dauser: “A lot of pictures came into my head. Back when you started doing gymnastics. Also how I did this parallel bars exercise for the first time in training. It was all my way in fast motion. That was very emotional. “

BILD: When do you take off an Olympic medal for the first time?

Dauser: “I think I had it around for the first 48 hours. I still had to go to the doping control, so I had them with me. Then there are a lot of media meetings, I was out for about five hours. Then we went to the Olympic Village. I had it off for a moment while showering. But immediately afterwards again. “

BILD: You presented your Olympic exercise to the public for the first time at the German Championships. When did it actually come about?

Dauser: “Actually, I would have liked to show them at the European Championships at the end of April. But she wasn’t quite so sure. Then we still had a month and a half until the German championships. It was clear to me and my trainer: If I don’t do them there, then I won’t do them in Tokyo either. The fact that it worked so well in the first competition gave me another security and an extra boost. “

Muscles as if made of steel: Lukas Dauser trained the parallel bars for five years, with which he won silver in Tokyo.

Muscles as if made of steel: Lukas Dauser trained the parallel bars for five years, with which he won silver in Tokyo.Photo: Heiner Köpcke

BILD: How many months of training are behind that?

Dauser: “I had planned the exercise in 2016. That’s when I started training them. In the end, it took four or five years for me to be able to do it in a competition with such stability. Also because I tore my cruciate ligament in 2017. Then I wanted to prepare it for the 2019 World Cup, but broke my metacarpal four months beforehand. “

BILD: But that means: You have tried five years at this moment.

Dauser: “Yes, a five-year start-up. It’s crazy how long you train on it. There were still one or two elements that still didn’t work. “

BILD: How often did you train the complete exercise before showing it for the first time?

Dauser: “Definitely over 100 times.”

BILD: A look ahead to 2022: In summer, the European Championships will be held in Munich as part of the European Championships. Is there any gold then?

Dauser: “After the Olympics, my motivation is not in a hole. The EM in my hometown is very special and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m not trying to think of medals. I’ve never been like that. But if I do my exercise at the Olympic level, that can be enough for all places on the podium. “


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