Ingolstadt – Rostock 0-0 – no pressure, no goals

The first game that second division team Hansa Rostock was able to play without any pressure or risk – with safe relegation behind them, they played 0-0 against Ingolstadt, who had been relegated for a long time.

Unfortunately performance-based, a win would not be deserved for either team.

Rostock with six changes to the starting XI, including goal machine John Verhoek (17 goals) completely outside. Although the game was largely under control, it didn’t become really dangerous for a long time.

The first excitement of the game came in the 35th minute when, after counterattacks, Ingelsson (blocked) and Duljevic (Ingolstadt goalkeeper Jendrusch saved) didn’t put the ball in the goal. Ingolstadt was initially even less dangerous: The attempts by Keller (37th) and Gaus (45th + 2) were safely caught by Hansa goalkeeper Kolke.

Even after the change, the level and willingness to take risks remained manageable. Ingolstadt had the best chances: After Malone-Patzer, Gaus already circled Kolke and only had to push into the empty goal – but the Hansa goalkeeper stretched out sooooo long on the ground and wiped the ball off Gaus’ foot (55′). In injury time, Kolke saves again from two meters against Gebauer, thus securing the point for Hansa.

In the last game of the season, Ingolstadt has to play in Hanover, Hansa has a return candidate Hamburger SV as guests.


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