Infusion, ruff and night in the hospital – this is how Krauss is after the head crash

The day after the cup against HSV (3: 5 nE) the club can breathe a sigh of relief!

Midfielder Tom Krauss (20) did not suffer any serious head and face injuries after his head crash with opponent Miro Muheim (23). He “only” suffered a concussion.

Krauss was able to go home yesterday afternoon after a night in the hospital. Previously, the “baseline screening” known from American football, during which all important functions of the brain are tested, fortunately did not reveal any further abnormalities.

But it is also clear: The U21 national player will certainly not be able to be there tomorrow (6.30 p.m. / Sky and highlights at in Darmstadt. After the bad pictures from Tuesday, however, an easy-to-bear news.

► Only 15 seconds after the second half kicked off, Krauss rushes with the head of opponent Muheim. He immediately passes out and falls dazed on the lawn.

► Immediately players from both teams wave for help. In addition to team docs, an ambulance and over half a dozen paramedics run onto the lawn.

► Coach Robert Klauß (36) also sprints onto the pitch, later saying: “I wanted to get an idea of ​​the injury myself and calm the players on the pitch.”

► Krauss was unconscious on the square for about two minutes. The helpers give him an infusion to stabilize his circulation. Because he is concerned that his spine may also be injured, he is also given a neck brace before he is carried from the court on a stretcher.

► Despite almost 20,000 spectators, it is quiet in the stadium. Club boss Niels Rossow (44) rushes with Krauss’ mother from the stands into the interior of the stadium.

► Krauß himself gives the first sign of the all-clear. Lying on the stretcher, he extends his left arm upwards and points upwards with his thumb.

In German football, it is the second serious head crash this week. On Monday it caught Kaiserslautern’s Felix Götze (23). The brother of World Cup hero Mario Götze (29) is now even considering playing with a helmet in the future.


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