Inflation reaches 27-month high, inflation in February was 4.17 percent

In February, the prices of electricity and fuel including food items have increased once again. With this, wholesale inflation has risen for the second month in a row to reach the highest level of 27 months. WPI (Wholesale Price Index based) inflation was 4.17 percent in the month of February. It was 2.03 per cent in January, compared to 2.26 per cent in February last year. According to the new figures, the retail inflation rate in the month of February was 5.03 per cent.

With the rise in inflation, the prices of food items have also increased drastically. On an annual basis, their prices have increased by 1.36 percent. At the same time, in January this year, a decline of 2.80 percent was recorded on an annual basis. But the rise in inflation in February has once again hurt the economic condition of the people.

Inflation was low in the month of January

Inflation in the wholesale price of food and beverages fell by 0.26 per cent in the month of January. In the month of January, the prices of vegetables were also recorded. In January, the price of vegetables fell by 2.90 percent. Let us know that recently there has been a huge increase in fuel prices. Due to increase in fuel prices, there has been a huge increase in inflation this year compared to last year.

Principal Economist of ICRA gave big information

ICRA Principal Economist Aditi Nair said that wholesale inflation has doubled. The main reason for reaching the highest level of 27 months is all-round inflation. He added, “We have suffered a lot this year due to the corona virus epidemic. He said that inflation is likely to come down in the next few months. However, not much can be said at this time.”

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