Inflation: on the stock market, worry dominates, some stocks benefit

The return of the rise in prices could have major consequences on the stock markets.

It is the great fear of the moment on the stock market. Inflation, this spiral of rising prices and wages, will she make a comeback? For the moment, it is only a thrill. But investors are on the alert. Inflation has the particularity of being very difficult to predict, as its drivers are so complex. Its fallout on the stock market is also very difficult to pinpoint. The only certainty is that if it takes hold for the long term, the central banks, which have been pouring out floods of liquidity on the markets for years, will have to put the brakes on these ultragenerous monetary policies which provide fuel for the price waltz.

The markets which benefit from the largesse of monetary institutions will then have to wean themselves from this providential manna. If inflation returns, they will also have to reckon with rising interest rates. For fear of being caught off guard, investors are already actively preparing for this dual perspective. Fears

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