Inflation broke the back of the common man! Wholesale inflation rises to 11.39 per cent in August

WPI InflationInflation has given a big blow to the common people of the country. Wholesale inflation rose marginally to 11.39 per cent in the month of August. Inflation remained in double digits for the fifth consecutive month. The main reason for this was higher prices of manufacturer’s products, while the prices of food articles softened. Wholesale inflation rose in August and remained in double digits for the fifth consecutive month. It was 11.16 percent in July 2021 and 0.41 percent in August 2020.

The commerce ministry said in a statement, “The increase in inflation in August 2021 was mainly due to non-food items, mineral oils, crude petroleum-natural gas, basic metals such as manufactured products, food products, There has been an increase in the prices of textiles, chemicals and chemical products etc.

Food inflation down for the fourth consecutive month
Food inflation fell for the fourth consecutive month. It was (-)1.29 per cent in August as against zero per cent in July. While the prices of onions and pulses increased. Onion inflation increased by 62.78 percent, while that of pulses increased by 9.41 percent. In case of vegetables, it decreased and was (-)13.30 per cent.

Crude petroleum and natural gas inflation rose 40.03 per cent in August. Inflation in manufactured products rose by 11.39 per cent in August, as against 11.20 per cent in July.

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