‘In the Mirror’ – the first online music show on VnExpress

Two artists of each “In the Mirror” issue will take on the challenge of swapping and re-enacting each other’s hits in a completely new style and mix.

Readers can learn more about the online music show and how to sign up here.

After the news that Tung Duong was the guest of the first issue of the series “In the Mirror”, broadcast at 8 pm on December 26 on the eLive platform of VnExpress, the organizers received hundreds of emails, messages, support… from music lovers. The majority of the audience expressed their love for Tung Duong’s unique voice and style, while others wondered about the program format, the criteria for selecting artists, the production form, the staging of the organizers, and the difference. compared to other shows.

With the meaning of “mirror”, “reflection” of the word “mirror”, music show In the Mirror creating a space for artists representing distinct musical genres to meet. They have similarities but different generations, personalities, music colors, fashion styles and performance styles… Each issue will have two main singers and one guest.

With different starting points and musical playgrounds, singers with the same purpose and creativity constantly bring the best products. Famous artists are the example and destination of young singers. And the advancement of new vocalists is a milestone that the seniors have gone through, proudly looking back and like seeing themselves in their youth when watching the efforts of their juniors.

Each accompanying guest is a simultaneous representation of these two meanings. ‘Mirror’ is the patterns, things, phenomena that have taken place and stories, profound lessons… Meanwhile, ‘reflection’ is when the artist clearly sees the being, emotions, own musical personality”, shared Mr. Viet Dang, the program’s director.

Guest artists are carefully selected, diverse in age. They have a solid career, a strong fan base, a different direction… The crew is choreographed according to the entertainment show format, including the following contents: talkshow (chat), gameshow (game), live performance (performance) ). The stage has an open design with a realistic and seamless style.

Specifically, the talkshow part is a direct dialogue and exchange to explore more deeply about the artist’s style, artistic personality, form and career path. In the Live performance section, the singer will perform elaborately choreographed new remixes. After the Gameshow, they will participate in challenges, interactive minigames with unexpected elements to create a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Tung Duong will exchange and connect the audience in the livestreamIn the MirrorThe first issue is at 8pm on Sunday, December 26. He also brought a series of famous hits with a new way of mixing and matching, helping the audience have a more catchy listening experience.

One of the two singers of the first issue has been revealed as Tung Duong. Having strong in revolutionary, lyrical, homeland music…, Tung Duong will swap styles and accept the challenge of singing a genre of music that he rarely experimented with such as young music, electronic, dance or rap.. In contrast, the remaining young singer performed songs associated with Tung Duong’s name, in a new style of arrangement.

Readers can learn about the program here.

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