In Sochaux, the curfew deprives Peugeot’s morning workers of pastries and sandwiches

The first shifts, which start work at 5 am, have their habits in two bakeries. But the prefecture prohibited them from opening before 6 a.m. because of sanitary measures.

Employees of a Stellantis-Peugeot factory, a union and an LREM deputy united to … demand the reopening of two bakeries before 6 a.m.

Every day, in the Doubs, thousands of technicians and workers at the Sochaux site start their working day very early in the morning, at 5 a.m., before the end of the curfew. However, workers usually go to two bakeries near the factory, which had continued to open from 3:30 a.m., despite the current ban on businesses to welcome customers before 6 a.m. The Parisian . Until an intervention of two agents of the prefecture comes to call them to order.

An intervention deemed ubiquitous by the unions of the factory who quickly seized the case. Force Ouvrière (FO) has formulated an official request to reopen the two bakeries, one located in Sochaux and the other in Montbéliard. The union believes that it is unfair to deprive employees of their morning snack: pastries and other sandwiches.

On the political side, the LREM deputy of the Pays de Montbéliard, Frédéric Barbier, intervened with the prefecture, without much success for the time being. Nearby Parisian, the elected official believes that the closure of the two bakeries does not “respect through work“Factory workers, and he reminds us that the truck drivers,”have the right to stop at motorway stations to eat“.

The bakeries concerned are also harmed: “We have about 150 people who come by before 6 am, before going to work. They take pastries but also sandwiches that they eat during their lunch break. For us, it’s a big loss and for the workers, it means going to work without eating», Confides to the Parisian the manager of one of the two businesses.


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