In hairdressing salons and beauty institutes, the difficult implementation of the new health protocol

We do not want to reopen in order to reopen, we want to open in good conditions.“The message from Christophe Doré, the president of the National Union of Hairdressing Companies (Unec) is clear: the new protocol, which has just been unveiled and should be implemented as soon as businesses reopen, will not be appropriate in hairdressing salons. While the space between each client has been doubled in these new specifications (8 square meters), Unec will therefore multiply telephone meetings with Bercy to try to make the government bend to move towards a protocol less strict. If this new device should also handicap beauty institutes and spas, they are more used to the spacing of customers and especially impatiently awaiting the reopening.

The 8 square meters between each client, for us it is infeasible because in a salon there must be clients waiting, for a wick or a color, continues Christophe Doré, just after a telephone meeting with Bruno Le Maire’s office in Bercy. If they wait an hour and that mobilizes 8 square meters, we lose too much money, it has no interest to reopen. This is one of the subjects we are currently working on with the Ministry of the Economy. ”

Work sunday

Christophe Doré, on the other hand, is ready to accept all the other points of the future protocol, and is particularly pleased with a possible opening on Sunday. “We want to open on Sundays to allow those who want to work in optimal conditions, and to spread their workHe continues. If the opening date has not yet been decided, it is December 1 that runs in all hair salons. “This is the date we set», Recognizes Christophe Doré while acknowledging that nothing has yet been decided with the authorities.

Despite the uncertainty, some have already anticipated the date and are preparing their dates. “Anticipate the reopening of your show on December 1 and make an appointment now on our site”, For example sent a salon in Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine) to its customers. Another, the Hair pop salon, in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, offers since its administrative closure a service of “click and collectTo pick up products in store. “We offer personalized coloring, explains its director Olivier Cosenza. What I usually do in a salon, I offer it to take away to my clients or to passing people.

Of course, this will not boost the show’s turnover, since Olivier Cosenza is currently making 5% of the usual figure, “but it’s just a matter of showing that I’m moving, I’m active, it makes communication, it makes people talk, it makes people say that the hairdresser in the area is not left to do nothing!The young man, who planned to recruit staff before the first confinement, will ultimately not be able to afford it this year. “Considering the cost of employees these days, it would not be at all profitable to recruit with this 8m2 rule.Despite everything, he remains quite confident about the next steps. “A lot of people call me to find out when it reopens, there are even quite a few who hope that I agree to come and do their hair at their place. People are waiting, we are going to have a very good month of December!

Deserted spas

As for beauty institutes and spas, this is not the time for panic either. If Martine Berenguel, the president of the National Craft Confederation of Beauty Institutes (Cnaib) looked closely at the new detailed protocol today, she does not consider it too disabling. “We already have extremely drastic health records by profession since the first confinement, she explains. The real novelty is this 8 square meters, but that only concerns the customers, not the staff, so it’s reasonable. In addition, we are relieved that making an appointment is not an obligation, because during the Christmas period, many customers pass by our institutes to buy gift vouchers. This would not have been possible by appointment.

Regarding spas, the Cnaib will remind its members to respect the health card scrupulously, namely not to allow customers who do not know each other to enter the same space. This will drastically reduce the turnover of these establishments. But Martine Berenguel puts into perspective: “We, it is in our DNA to work by appointment and with customer spacing! What we are really asking for is to be able to reopen and stop being judged ‘non-essential’. ”

Whatever happens, the protocol could still be changed before the reopening of these businesses. Laurent Munerot, the president of the Union of local businesses (U2P), explains that he will “ask Bercy for more flexibility for small surfaces“. He adds that he will “request reductions in social or tax charges for overtime that will be done during the coming period“.


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