In Evton’s win against Arsenal: Nasty face kick in the Premier League

Everton beat Arsenal 2-1 – but this brutal scene is being discussed in England.

When the score was 0-0 in the first half, Everton’s Ben Godfrey (23) hits Arsenal star Takehiro Tomiyasu (23) with his foot in the face.

Was the action done on purpose?

Referee Mike Dean looked at the scene on the screen – and decided: no intention. Godfrey accidentally hit his opponent in the face.

Indeed, the slow-motion replays seemed to show that Godfrey did not see his opponent when he landed on the floor.

But TV expert Gary Neville disagreed. In the broadcast on Sky Sports, the former international said he was convinced that the kick was done on purpose.

He got approval from the journalist Piers Morgan (56). The avowed Arsenal fan wrote on Twitter: “Not even a warning … for deliberately stepping on Tomiyasu’s face. Unheard of by Godfrey and the referee. “

Former Premier League referee Mark Halsey (60) saw the incident differently: “The Arsenal right-back was on the ground when Godfrey accidentally landed on Tomiyasu’s face. I don’t think it was an assault, I got a feeling that Godfrey had no other way out to move his foot. It was a pure accident and not a deliberate act. “

After all, football was still played – and goals were even scored.

Demarai Gray made the late Everton win in the second minute of stoppage time with his goal. The Brazilian Richarlison (79th) had previously equalized the guest lead by Martin Ödegaard (45th + 2).

However: Not all Everton supporters saw the final whistle in the stadium. In protest against the bankruptcy of their club, they left the stadium early during the game. As media reports, the audience got up in a block in the 27th minute and left their seats out of dissatisfaction with the 27th season without a title for the team from Liverpool.


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