In Cannes, tiktokeurs and instagrameurs wake up the festival

“Well, let’s say it’s…the new world,” confides with a distressed air a popess of communication with a bouncy address book, when the growing presence of influencers at the Cannes Film Festival is mentioned. Because it’s a fact, these new (and young) guests from Cannes, with their impressive communities of followers, have taken the lead this year. According to some, the pre-summer high mass of the seventh art would be losing its soul under the posts of these bad guys, well on their way to shaking up an order that we thought was immutable: starlets on the beach, paparazzi infiltrated into the most prominent parties, critics stuck at the Palace from early morning, and in the end a presentation of the Palme d’Or in gala attire. But should we really be offended?

Today, it is with Khaby Lame, funny Italian-Senegalese (136 million subscribers on TikTok, 76 million on Instagram), ambassador of the Boss brand, that we must count. But also the Franco-Algerian Just Riadh (4.3 million subscribers on Instagram, 5.9 million on TikTok) whose offbeat videos talk as much about purchasing power as love and Islam. Or even more emerging profiles, such as actress Fatou Guinea and her (all the same) 859,000 subscribers on Instagram. Embedded in the TikTok team, the Dutch youtuber Nikkie Tutorials, outrageous makeup and 5.3 million subscribers on the Chinese platform, was present on the red carpet from the first day to animate

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