In 1860 Munich slept: Köllner wake-up call for the 1st away win

Wake up lions!

So far, third division 1860 Munich has not been able to land an away win this season. There were five draws and two bankruptcies for captain Sascha Mölders (36) and Co.

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That should change on Saturday (2 p.m., live on Magenta Sport) against TSV Havelse!

“We slept at the beginning of the season, sometimes in the middle and sometimes at the end of the season,” complains coach Michael Köllner (51). And prophesies: “So we’ve seen everything away from home, that’s why it will be over on Saturday too.”

The coach predicted the 3-2 win against Duisburg, now also the first away win?

“It’s going to be a huge fight, we need a team with a heart that gives everything unconditionally,” he says. Particularly important for the trainer: Nobody is allowed to sleep! “It takes a consistent and concentrated 90 minutes.”

A clear weakening is the failure of Daniel Wein (27). The midfielder only played his way back into the starting line-up in September after an Achilles tendon injury and is one of the top performers.

But now the first round threatens: Wein has a foot injury. “An MRI examination showed that his foot had to be immobilized,” says Köllner. For wine, veteran Quirin will probably play Moll.

By the way: The lions are only flying this morning (10 a.m.) from Manching (near Ingolstadt) in a private charter from sponsor Augsburg Airways to Hanover.

After the night at home instead of in the hotel, everyone should be well rested for their first away win.


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