If your card gets stuck in the ATM machine then do this work immediately

Useful Tips: What will you do if your credit or debit card gets stuck in the machine while withdrawing money at an ATM? You will either tell the guard sitting outside or get upset or get your card blocked. But do you know that you can get your card back without any hassle? You just need to tell your bank for this. If you follow these easy steps then you will get your card.

In case the card is stuck, report it to the bank immediately. Call the customer care and tell the ATM location as well as the reason for the card getting stuck. Customer care will give you 2 options. The first will give the option to cancel the card and get a new card made again.

If you feel that your card may be misused, then cancel it immediately. The new card will arrive at your address within 7 to 10 days. Also, to get the card quickly, you can go to your branch and take the card.

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If the card is stuck in the ATM of your own bank, then you can tell your bank for this. If the ATM belongs to your own bank then it is easy to get the card back. On the other hand, if there is an ATM of any other bank, then that bank returns that card to your bank and then you have to withdraw the card by going to your branch.

Card stuck reasons

ATM link failure

Delay in entering PIN, amount or account after card insertion

Machine power supply interruption

Do this work when credit card is stuck

Like the debit card, if the credit card gets stuck in the ATM machine, then you can take it back from the bank, in whose ATM machine your credit card is stuck.


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