If you are preparing to buy gold jewelry, then check purity with HUID number, this is the whole process

Gold Purity Test with HUID Number: The tradition of investing in gold is going on in India since ancient times, which people are still following today. Even after the rise in gold prices, people of India like to invest in gold the most. But, with the changing times, many incidents of adulteration in gold have also come to the fore. In such a situation, many times it is not understood at all how to differentiate between real and fake gold.

To overcome this problem of yours, BIS Care App has come up with a great way by which you can find out the truth about sleeping in just a few minutes. This will give you complete information about the purity of gold. In this app, by entering the information and license number of the shop from where you are buying the jewelry, you can find out the authenticity of the ISI mark jewelry immediately.

You can easily download BIS Care App from Play Store. Through this app, the customer can himself check the purity and authenticity of gold. Along with this, the customer can also register your complaint through this on any kind of problem. The information about this app has been given by Consumer Affairs on Twitter for customer awareness. In its tweet, Consumer Affairs said, “Verify the authenticity of jewelery hallmarked with HUID using ‘Verify HUID number’.”

Here is the method to verify HUID number (Gold Verify Method)-
To use this app, first download it from Google Play Store or iPhone Store.
After that login in it. After this click on the option of Verify License Details.
After this, to check the HUID number of hallmarked jewellery, click on Verify HUID.
After this you click on Know Your Standards option.
After this, you can check gold by going to Verify R-Number.
If there is any kind of adulteration or deficiency in gold, then you can also file a complaint for this by going to Complaints.

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