If these mistakes are made while filing ITR, then income tax notice will come

ITR Filing Tips: The Income Tax Department sends notices to such people coming under the purview of tax who do not pay income tax. At the same time, some people get the Income Tax Notice because they make some mistakes while filing ITR.

Always be careful while filing ITR. Today we are telling you 5 such mistakes related to filing ITR due to which you can get notice from Income Tax Department.

Not filing ITR on time

  • If the income tax return is not filed on time, then it is certain to get notice from the Income Tax Department.
  • Never wait for the last date. Many people fill ITR on the last date due to which website may face problem and you may miss ITR filing.
  • The last date to file ITR for the financial year 2020-21 (Assessment Year 20211-22) is 30 September 2021.

ITR Form

  • It is very important to choose the right form while filing ITR. Even if the wrong ITR form is filled, a notice can come from the Income Tax Department.
  • Keep in mind that depending on the source of income and many other factors, it is decided which form is to be filled.

source of income

  • If you have not disclosed your source of income intentionally or by mistake, then you can get a notice from the Income Tax Department.
  • You should know from which sources your income is coming.
  • Scrutiny can happen if any information does not match correctly.

E-Verification of ITR

  • Don’t forget to get ITR e-verified.
  • After filing income tax, 120 days are given for e-verification. But you should get e-verification done as soon as possible.
  • If you are not able to get e-verification done, then your ITR is not processed and you get a notice from the Income Tax Department.

Different information in income and TDS

  • How much tax is levied on all your income sources, it is known through Form 26AS. This information is available on the basis of your PAN.
  • You have to compare your Form 16 and Form 26AS.
  • If the comparison is not matched, then the notice of the Income Tax Department can come.
  • Before filing ITR, do a tally of both and if there is any deficiency then check why it is there and correct it and file ITR.


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