ICICI Bank: Shares caught up on four times profit, jumped 52% from minimum level

On Monday, ICICI Bank shares registered a sharp jump of six per cent after the best results. Its shares rose 6.64 per cent to Rs 418.65 on the BSE. On Saturday, ICICI Bank revealed its second quarter results. According to these results, the consolidated net profit of the bank registered a four-fold increase and it increased to Rs 4882.

Bank’s core income increased drastically

This increase in the bank’s profits has been due to increase in core income of the bank and less provisioning due to the impact of corona infection. The bank made a profit of Rs 1,131 crore in the same period a year ago. The bank net manafa is of 4251 crores. Last year it was 655 crores. The bank’s net interest income i.e. NII was 9366 crore. This increase was recorded despite net interest margin coming down by 0.10 to 3.57. Credit was six per cent. Its leadership strategy was credited for the bank’s increased income.

Bounce 52 percent below minimum level

ICICI Bank shares are up 4.7 per cent at 10.15 am. At this time, ICICI Bank’s stock was trading at a level of Rs 410.18 with a gain of Rs 18.20. Its stock reached Rs 263 on 24 March amid the Corona epidemic. Its stock reached a level of Rs 263 on 24 March, which is a 52-week low. In the last six months, it has risen by 52 percent so far from its minimum level.

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