Ice creams, breads, aperitif cakes … more than 7,000 products recalled due to carcinogenic substances

The products recalled this Monday are of various brands but have in common to contain a quantity of ethylene oxide much higher than the regulations.

With the hot weather announced this week, enjoying an ice cream in the sun can be envious. However, the Directorate General for Competition, Consumption and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) has just recalled some sixty ice creams sold in supermarkets. Along with them, more than 7,000 other products such as bread, burgers, appetizer cakes, sauces, cheeses, ready meals, teas and coffees among others, are also affected by this recall. In question : “ an ethylene oxide content exceeding the limits authorized by European regulations », We can read on the Twitter account of the site

Contaminated sesame

Ethylene oxide is used in the food industry to sterilize spices and seeds, including sesame, present in a large number of products. It is listed by the National Institute for Scientific Research (INRS) as “can cause cancer“And”induce genetic abnormalities“. Warned in early September 2020 by its Belgian counterpart of imported batches of sesame seeds whose ethylene oxide content exceeds the maximum regulatory limit, the DGCCRF undertook the necessary investigations to determine the origin of this contamination. Pending the results of this research, they are withdrawing all products that may contain contaminated sesame, but also psyllium and spices, potentially implicated.

More than 7000 products affected

Despite several hours of shutdown of the site for maintenance on Tuesday, the AppelConso site normally reports each product recalled by the DGCCRF. The complete list of products recalled on Monday is also available in an Excel file on a website of the Ministry of the Economy.

Aperitif cakes, breads, burgers, rusks, cereals, ice cream and sorbets, teas and coffees, ready meals, spreads, oils and sauces, sweet cookies, cheese, flour and cooking aids, the products concerned are of very diverse categories and brands. We find for example the ice cream timpani from the Picard brand, the spelled and sesame biscuits from Naturalia, the organic sesame dark chocolate bars from Grain de Sail, the multimix crackers from Auchan, or the chorizo ​​fougasse from Leclerc. .

Refunds possible

Consumers in possession of contaminated products can go to the store to find out how to return and refund. Those who have already consumed them and observe adverse effects are advised to consult a doctor.


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