“I was vaccinated in March but I did not have a QR Code, how do I get the health pass? “

Hello Philippe,

It’s only since May 3 that vaccinated people have a QR Code on their certificate. Since you were vaccinated in March, it is therefore normal that you do not have one. Normally, as the government indicates, all people vaccinated, including those who were vaccinated before May 3, can retrieve their vaccination certificate from the patient portal of the Medicare website.

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If you do not succeed, you can call your doctor who injected you with your doses to send you a new certificate on which the QR Code will be present. In case of unavailability on his part, be aware that any healthcare professional (pharmacist, nurse, midwife …) is able to find your certificate vaccination if you ask it, and print it out for you if necessary.

This paper certificate can act as a health pass. You just need to present it at the entrance of establishments which request it. If you want to save it on your phone, you can download the TousAntiCovid application, then scan the QR Code of your vaccination certificate to import it.


And for people vaccinated abroad?

People who have been fully vaccinated within the European Union, thanks to the European health pass, can make their QR Code work in France in cinemas, museums, bars and restaurants.

In contrast, people vaccinated outside the Union, even when they have been with vaccines approved in Europe, have not yet recognized their vaccination schedule. According to the bill passed on Sunday July 25, “The conditions for accepting proof of vaccination issued by foreign organizations” will be defined in a specific application decree. A statement from the Union of Pharmacists USPO states that a ” procedure to generate a certificate for French people vaccinated abroad with vaccines recognized by the EU (and for foreigners vaccinated) should be operational at the beginning of August “ in consulates.

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