“I have always read them”: these French people who like to receive advertising leaflets in their letterbox

TESTIMONIALS – While the government seeks to fight against paper ads, some are delighted to receive them and leaf through them carefully.

The climate law currently under discussion in the National Assembly could accelerate the disappearance of paper advertising from our mailboxes. At least that is what Pierre-Yves Bournazel, deputy for Paris in the Agir Ensemble group, which supports article 9, is hoping for. The latter provides for the extension of the “yes pub” device. From now on, in the municipalities concerned, only those who have affixed this sticker will be able to receive advertising leaflets. It replaces the well-known “Stop pub”.

To justify the merits of this measure, the elected representative argues that these advertisements “are read by less than 15% of recipients“. At the same time, 55% of French judges “useful”According to an OpinionWay study carried out in January. So there are many diehards who rejoice to see a pile of advertisements halfway out of their mailbox when they return home.

This is the case of Émile, 30, who sees reading these catalogs as a treasure hunt: “ I’m going to look for the big deal, find the right plan »He explains. What looks a bit like a game actually takes some experience and some real knowledge. To succeed in spotting the interesting promotion, it is necessary to have a precise idea of ​​the market prices and the pitfalls are not lacking, he warns: “ the discount can be 30% lower than the crossed out price, but the latter is actually increased compared to the rest of the year, the real decrease is only 10% for example “. He likes to learn about “ arrivals »: Products sold exceptionally, in certain chains and for a very short time. For that too, you have to be reactive and know your schedule well, “ for the Action channel it’s Wednesday, while Brico Dépôt is Friday »Quotes Emile, perfectly informed.

Not everyone is necessarily looking for the hidden good plan. In fact, some notebooks do not even make promotions and are content to highlight different products of the brand. For Dominique, 63, it’s a good way to find recipe ideas: “ if we want to eat in season we are quickly limited», She explains. A profitable boost in sometimes a little funny situations: “ my son had the good idea to pair up with a vegan »She says. Unaccustomed to cooking like this, she went to look for ideas in a large distribution flyer.

It’s a waste but I admit I prefer paper

Not all of these readers want to see these ads disappear and will put the “Yes ad” sticker if necessary. However, they say they support or at least understand the government’s desire to fight against these leaflets, aware of their ecological impact. These advertisements represent “800,000 tonnes of paper, or 30 kilos per household on average Pierre-Yves Bournazel reminded the National Assembly.

This ambivalence is amply illustrated in the OpinionWay study carried out for Bonial, on relations between the French and advertising brochures and catalogs. Of the 5,000 people questioned, 52% intend to affix a sticker “Yes pub», But they are more than 80% to affirm that these same advertisements are harmful for the environment.

Philippe, 60, also an assiduous reader of these paper media, is already used to looking for good tips on other media: “if I have a need I will find out if there is an existing promo on a magazine or on the internet“. If there is no doubt for him that he will put the sticker “Yes pub“To continue to receive them, the end of this support does not worry him, quite the contrary,” it’s a real waste, if tomorrow there are no more papers we will get used to“.


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