“I had to listen to stupid sayings” – This is why this cage star was bullied at school

He took the greatest chance of his life!

In November 2019, Antun Racic (30) was crowned MMA king – the first bantam champion in KSW history. And that in front of more than 12,000 fans in his Croatian homeland, Zagreb.

At the end of 2020, the first title defense: a clear point victory against the Brazilian Bruno Santos (22). On Saturday, Racic, who lives and trains in Düsseldorf, puts his belt on the line again. This time against the Poland Sebastian Przybysz (27).

The good news for all MMA fans: Only with BILDplus you can see the Fightnight from Poland live with German commentary.


As a child, Racic had a tough time. Because he was always the smallest (he measures 1.65 m today), he was bullied at school. Today he remembers: “I had to hear a lot of stupid sayings about my size. That was really bad for me. Yes, I’m little, that’s how God made me. But we’re all the same. “

It was only through his activities in martial arts that Racic became more self-confident: “For me it was the best way to show everyone that little people can also do great things.”

Racic is now the best MMA fighter in Europe in his weight class, says BILD: “This title was a lifelong dream. Now I want to defend him one more time. My hunger is far from satisfied! “

Interesting: For Racic it is not the first KSW duel with Przybysz. The two bantamweights faced each other in December 2018. The clear winner on points back then: Antun Racic!

Now the German-Croat wants to deliver again and end the fight early with a knockout. Racic has been unbeaten since May 2017 and has won all KSW appearances so far. A secret of his success: 6 months of training in Croatia, 6 months of training in the UFD gym in Düsseldorf.

His manager Ivan Dijakovic says of him: “I still expect a lot from Antun. He has excellent qualities on the ground. We are therefore glad that he has been leading the floor training in our gym since this year. “

Then he can hopefully show his protégés the highlights of his title defense – the best demonstration material!

You can see these KSW fights live with BILDplus

Main Event, Super Heavyweight: Mariusz Pudzianowski (13 wins – 7 losses) vs. Bombardier (2-0)

Co-Main Event, Bantamweight Title Bout: Champion Antun Racic (25-8-1) vs. Sebastian Przybysz (7-2)

Medium weight: Damian Janikowski (5-3) vs. Jason Radcliffe (16-7)

Heavyweight: Michal Wlodarek (8-2) vs. Darko Stosic (13-4)

Welterweight: Krystian Kaszubowski (9-1) vs. Michal Pietrzak (9-4)

Lightweight: Lukasz Rajewski (10-6) vs. Konrad Dyrschka (11-1)

Welterweight: Adrian Bartosinski (9-0) vs. Lionel Padilla (8-1)

Lightweight: Sebastian Rajewski (9-6) vs. Savo Lazic (10-5)


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