HSV: Worse than U21? Neururer contradicts Vagnoman thesis

“Of course you play with a higher quality here.”

Said EM participant Josha Vagnoman (20) when asked how he sees the German U21 and HSV in comparison.

But – is the Hamburg full-back also right?

BILD asked football specialist and ex-Bundesliga coach Peter Neururer (65).

He says: “Interesting statement from Vagnoman. I would say that the players in the current U21s are on average better trained and generally stronger in the technical area than second division players. “

Neururer continues: “I would set the pace of the game the same for both teams.”

And where would a second division team like HSV have advantages over the German youth team?

Neururer is certain: “When it comes to assertiveness, cleverness and experience, the U21s would clearly lose out to the Hamburg team. The talents would hardly stand a chance against savvy professionals who have been playing league football for a few years. “

And how would a comparison between Yogi’s substructure and the red pants look? Neururer: “With 34 games the U21 would win one and lose a lot against HSV …”


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