HSV: Wettstein, Wüstefeld, Jansen: That’s behind the Boss quake

Mighty chairs back at the beginning of the year at HSV!

► Frank Wettstein (48) terminated his contract, which expired at the end of May and which the finance director no longer wanted to extend, with immediate effect at the request of the supervisory board. He says goodbye: “It was an honor.”

► The previous head of the supervisory board of Fußball AG, Dr. Thomas Wüstefeld (53) will become the new board member for a period of twelve months.

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► eV President and Supervisory Board Marcell Jansen (36) replaces Dr. Wüstefeld as chairman of the council committee for this time. The round of inspectors, which has been reduced to six members, will not be increased for the time being.

That’s behind the boss quake!

Dr. Wüstefeld, who just acquired 5.11 percent of the shares in the AG at the end of the year and replaced Jansen as supervisor boss, will from now on form a dual leadership team with sports director Jonas Boldt (38)

“We are aware that we are again facing a major challenge due to the current corona wave and its consequences. The consequences will have an impact far into the future. That is why we want and have to stabilize the club beyond the summer and aim for the next development stages, ”explains Dr. Desert field.

It is very possible that the current HSV supervisory board no longer trusted the outgoing Wettstein, after more than seven years at the club, to solve the many financial problems that the club was facing, in particular due to corona-related loss of income at home games.

It wasn’t until Tuesday that the financial situation worsened when it was announced that there will only be ghost games in the future. Even if the city is already in an exchange with the association, what possibilities there are to get compensation money from pots of the federal and state governments.

The association now has high hopes for the new board member and entrepreneur (“SanaGroup”) Dr. Wüstefeld, who has very good national and international contacts to business and politics. Together, the new head duo, together with HSV Finance Director Dr. Eric Huwer (38) develop new ideas and models to make the association viable for the future.


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