HSV: “Us” Uwe Seeler demands: Hamburg has to kick out of the suit

HSV never leaves Uwe Seeler (85) indifferent …

Even at Christmas time, which the HSV idol enjoys with the family in Norderstedt, his thoughts revolve around his favorite club again and again.

The sobering start of the second half of the second half of the season with the happy 1-1 draw against Schalke made “Us” Uwe very concerned about the second half of the season.

“This time we should finally kick ourselves out of our suit in the New Year.” Means: The best HSV player of all time hopes and demands that after three screwed back rounds in a row – each of which led to non-promotion place 4 – this time a decent point – Yield jumps out.

Seeler: “The boys have to be aware that after Christmas things get serious. Everything is possible. We still have it in hand. We just can’t let up for a second. “

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The winter break is also the time for an interim assessment. BILD reveals to “Us” Uwe the five HSV professionals who he liked best in the first half of the season.

► “For me, Sonny Kittel is THE difference player. He directs the HSV game and even scores goals. He just has to deliver more consistently dominant games. The boy really has it. I hope he shows me and everyone else in the second half of the season. “

► “Sebastian Schonlau is a real captain. With his maturity and calm he organizes the HSV defense very hardy. The former Paderborn is a real asset. I like it very much. “

► “Honestly, I didn’t really have Marko Johansson on my screen at the beginning of the season. But what the Swede showed as a replacement for Daniel Heuer Fernandes was worth seeing. It’s good that HSV has such a strong 2nd goalkeeper in the squad. That is very reassuring. “

► “Faride Alidou impressed me with his carefree manner. His flank runs and the danger of goal were very impressive ”.

► “Mario Vuskovic is the central defender of the future. It’s nice that such a defensive talent is under contract. One can congratulate everyone who discovered it. “


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