HSV – Tim Walters Appeal: Play what you played as children!

“Always full throttle first.” For Tim Walter (45), Schalke is exactly the right caliber at the start of the 2nd league. “On paper, Schalke and Bremen are the top favorites in the league,” says the new HSV coach.

With him the Hamburg go into the fourth year in the unloved class. Even Walter cannot guarantee the ascent. But his football, if the team pulls along, could convince the fans.

The trainer wants to see “intensity, willingness and courage”. And for him it is very important: “The boys should go through with the game they played as children. I want them to have fun. “

Having fun is exactly the reason why Walter does his job: “Football is fun for me. There are more important things in life. For example the family. “

And he has it with him exactly 580 days after leaving Stuttgart on Schalke. When he is on the touchline in “loose, casual” clothing, his wife Katrin and the children Maxima, Lara and Lennart are with him: “I wear them on a bracelet.”

Also as a lucky charm. HSV can use that well when relegated to the Bundesliga. For Walter Schalke is a “big task”: “They have an extremely high physique, many great players. With standards, they are dangerous. We have respect for that, but not afraid. “

Walter is still keeping his first starting formation to himself, but says: “You saw the game against Basel (1-0, editor’s note) …” Most of the starting line-up will be drawn from this.

He has committed himself to Daniel Heuer Fernandes (28) as No. 1. Central defender Jonas David (21) – after a three-year waiting period as a sparring partner in training – has also prevailed. Walter: “I don’t have any hereditary farms. Jonas does it very well. I don’t care what someone’s name is. It is important what I see. “

Walter’s impressions come from the preparation. Schalke is the real thing. And what he sees there – will be decisive …


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