HSV: spectator nonsense – the city of Hamburg continues to play hide-and-seek

FC St. Pauli is expecting 15,000 spectators for the next home game against Ingolstadt (September 19) – with approved standing room and a capacity utilization of 51 percent. For this, the club would be ready to switch to 2G.

On Saturday against Sandhausen, HSV has 17,950 seats in its 57,000-man arena. No standing bars. Even if the Rothosen were to bet on 2G in the future, the city would only allow 25,000 visitors. An occupancy rate of 44 percent.

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The spectator nonsense in Hamburg.

Why does the city treat clubs differently?

Why, even if only vaccinated and convalescent people were allowed to go to the Volksparkstadion, wouldn’t a higher capacity utilization be possible?

BILD asked the interior authorities these questions on Tuesday. The answer: the city continues to play hide and seek.

A spokesman for the authorities: “The HSV has now lodged an objection in this matter. This is currently being examined. Against the background of the ongoing objection procedure, we ask for your understanding that we are currently unable to comment on this. “

It’s amazing how different the requirements for the 36 professional clubs in the 1st and 2nd league are.

► In Cologne, Leverkusen and Wolfsburg, 2G is used for viewers. A negative corona test (3G) is sufficient for staff (such as stewards, snack vendors).

So far, that has not been sufficient for “workers” in the stadium in Hamburg. That is why the HSV does not consider the 2G model to be practicable.

► According to 3G rules, 34,000 spectators can attend the top match between Leipzig and Bavaria (Saturday). The arena holds 42,000 fans.

► 3G and 50 percent utilization apply in many stadiums. Standing places are allowed in Dresden. Hardly anyone in Hanover wants to watch. 22,500 supporters are approved, most recently against Heidenheim (1-0) came 8,600.

► The regulations in Kiel are curious. Only those who have been vaccinated and tested are allowed into the stadium. Anyone who has recovered from the Corona must still submit a negative test. 4,100 fans are allowed in the 15,000-man stadium.


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