HSV: Simon Terodde reaches for an eternal goalscorer trophy

Simon Terodde (33) has only been stopped this season by Corona.

The center forward is currently pedaling on an ergometer at home. The quarantine of the HSV goal machine will end on Monday – and the clippers want to continue shooting as usual for the rest of the season. With a very special personal goal in mind …

Terodde reaches for the eternal goalscorer trophy!

Should he become king of the scorers in the second division for the fourth time, he would have left Emanuel Günther (66) behind. The former center forward was just like Terodde three times the best scorer of a second division season (1977/78, 1979/80, 1983/84) – each time for Karlsruher SC. The shared record is now in danger for Günther.

Terodde is currently in first place with 20 goals after 26 match days, followed by Darmstadt’s Serdar Dursun (29) with 15 stalls.

And the statistics suggest that Terodde will not let up …

In the seasons in which the center forward was the top scorer in the second division with Bochum (25 goals in 2015/16) and Stuttgart (25 goals in 2016/17), Terodde scored eight more times after the 26th matchday.

Only in Cologne (2018/19) did he take things a little easier. At that time, he had already scored 27 goals and was again the top scorer in the league with two more goals. With Cologne and Stuttgart he rose to become the king of clippers.

Striker legend Günther also made the leap into the first division twice with KSC. Should Terodde make it back to the first division as top scorer with HSV – then he would have left Günther behind in this category as well.

So it could be a Terodde season for the history books …


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