HSV: Record battle in the 2-0 win against Heidenheim

“Heidenheim is running like crazy. You saw that again. But you could also see that we can run like crazy – and also play football well.”

Hamburg’s double goalscorer Sonny Kittel (29) after the 2-0 win.

With the third three-pointer in a row – previously against St. Pauli (2-1) and in Darmstadt (5-0) – HSV continues to storm towards the Bundesliga. Coach Tim Walter (46): “These are three points that will bring us enormously forward on our way.”

The hit in the Volkspark became a record battle. Hamburg and Heidenheim fought a crazy duel. And broke several records at the same time.

286 duels! There have never been so many duels in a HSV game this season. In the end it was far below. Both teams fought 208 duels against St. Pauli and 203 in Darmstadt.

Walter: “We worked just as hard as our opponents and accepted the duels just as much. If you don’t do that, you’ll have problems against Heidenheim.”

HSV was even stronger, winning 53.5 percent of the duels. The Hamburg team won a total of 155 duels. As many as never before in this series.

778 tempo runs! Also a season record for Hamburg. Heidenheim (834) was even better.

Walked 121.8 kilometers! A top value, the third best that the Walter squad achieved this season. HSV was thus well above its seasonal average (118 km) and was even more diligent than Heidenheim (121.4 km), which has the strongest running team in the league over the entire round.

The numbers show what a fight both teams put up. Heidenheim offered a very strong performance for an hour, sometimes even had more goal opportunities than HSV.

Guest trainer Frank Schmidt (48): “Unfortunately, we gave away points. We had a huge chance to take the lead in the first half. But especially after the break we have four chances, we just have to get the goal. If you want to take something with you here, you have to seize opportunities like this.”

HSV have taken 14 points from the last six games and climbed into third place after the mistakes of Darmstadt (2-2 in Hanover) and Schalke (1-2 at the Thioune premiere in Düsseldorf). Just one point behind leader St. Pauli.

In the current constitution, Hamburg is a hot candidate for promotion. After the convincing performances against the top teams, the Hamburgers also have to prove that they can win against basement children. Already Saturday in Sandhausen.


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