HSV: On the trail of the first fan idiot after the racism scandal

Now it is official. The DFB control committee will “initiate investigations” because of the racist incidents during the game between HSV and Düsseldorf (1: 1).

Investigations will also be conducted because of the projectiles from the stands (beer mugs, lighters, other objects) – a ballpoint pen hit line judge Richard Hempel (23).

Fortunas Khaled Narey (27) and HSV professional Bakery Jatta (23) suffered from the disgusting racist hostility from the stands.

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The HSV will actively support the investigation and identify the culprits if possible. The HSV says: “We go hand in hand with the DFB.” Means: Video material and witness statements are evaluated.

HSV is already on the trail of the first fan idiot!

There is a specific reference to a racist incident in Block 22B. “This was documented by a witness,” says Fan Culture Director Cornelius Göbel on HSV.de. “And we are already in contact with this person in order to identify the perpetrator and initiate further steps. There are also further descriptions that there were similar expressions of a racist nature in other areas. “

In the Volksparkstadion, the rules of conduct are set out in writing. There it says: “In the area of ​​application of the stadium regulations according to §1, all forms of racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, anti-gypsyism and all other forms of group-related misanthropy are prohibited.”

The mighty HSV Supporters Club with around 68,000 members has taken a clear position on the scandalous incidents against Düsseldorf in the Volkspark.

A statement said: “Unfortunately there was no victory on the pitch – and in the stands we experienced things that we would not like to leave uncommented. Things that hurt more than missed great opportunities and points left lying around … “

And further: “… In addition, the specialists at the anchorage (since 2019 reporting office for such incidents, d. Ed.) Reported to us about numerous sexist insults. All of this is absolutely unacceptable and shameful. For our club, our stands, for all of us. “

The Supporters Promise: “We will do everything in our power to hold those responsible to account. We would therefore like to express our thanks to everyone who showed moral courage and opposed the racist and sexist idiots. “

The search for the fan idiots continues!

What threatens the guilty if they are convicted?

From stadium bans to criminal prosecution, anything is possible. The HSV reserves the right to pass on possible DFB penalties to the guilty.

Göbel: “We have already had such an exclusion due to racist statements and are able to act accordingly. With regard to beer mug throws, it is now hard plastic cups that, as projectiles, can lead to bodily harm. The rule has always existed and it will now be used even more strictly. If someone is found throwing a cup, then a stadium ban proceedings will be initiated. “

In this context, it is worth remembering April 1, 2011. Referee Deniz Aytekin (43) broke off St. Pauli’s Bundesliga game against Schalke at Millerntor when the score was 2-0. His linesman Thorsten Schiffner (46) was hit on the head by a beer mug.

The consequence: the alleged mug thrower was initially sentenced to a fine of 12,000 euros, but acquitted in the second instance before the Hamburg district court because of contradicting witness statements.

St. Pauli suffered damage of around 400,000 euros, lost the Schalke points at the Green Table and had to play its first home game of the 2011/12 season after relegation to the Bundesliga against Ingolstadt in Lübeck …


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